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Digital Marketing: Your Complete Online Marketing strategy

Digital marketing is broad it contains different aspect of internet functionality such as the SEO, blog post and various social media platforms.

In this article I will be breaking down all about digital marketing, making it easy for you my cherished readers to understated and incorporate it to your online business in other for you to increase your audience and maximize profits.

digital marketing


Digital Marketing or can be called online/internet marketing, it is a systematic way of using any kind of technology such as computers, phones or electronic means to market your products or services online either through Search engines, Websites, Social media, Emails, Mobile apps, Text messaging (Bulk SMS), Web-based advertising.


There are so many different strategies digital marketing uses to enhance business and provide positive results.

Digital marketing is like employees in an organization, which they have to work in their various departments with different concept to achieve the organizational set goal.

The various digital marketing works in different ways but has one same goal to build your brand awareness, make more profits and produce more traffic.


Types of digital marketing are as follows;

Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization also as SEO it a free advert on Google search as well as other search engine. It free display your website on the first page of Google or other search engine but this will only happens when you have good website SEO, regularly putting content on your site. It does take time; effort and patience to get organic traffic to your website. 

How Search Engine Optimization works is that when someone queries anything on Google search or any other search engine if that queried content is found in your website the search engine will list your website out. The more user click on your listed website and it takes them to your website the more it generates organic traffic to your website.

Making your website SEO and user friendly is part of the most important steps in digital marketing. It will give you the opportunity to grab potential leads and exposure to your business.

Pay-per-click Advertising

This is another kind of digital marketing methods, it is a paid advert used to drive traffic to your website. It is done through either Google Ads, facebook Ads. Etc.

Digital marketing

It is an advert that appears at the top of search results on Google and other search engines.  As the name implies PPC advertisers only pay each time a user clicks on one of their online ads. PPC works effectively more faster   as SEO takes time to work to bring in organic traffic.

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Website Marketing

This is a way of promoting your website to attract relevant traffic/visitors to your website to see the services or goods you render with the aim of them purchasing what you offer.

 The More visitors you drive to your site, the more opportunities for you/website to try to convince potential customers to buy.

You can carry out website marketing by;

  • Putting engaging content regularly on your website
  • Sharing your website regularly on various social media.
  • Making your website user and mobile friendly
  • Making your website to load faster
  • Optimize your website SEO
  • Carrying out website review on your website design
  • Always get a feedback from customers that purchase from you

Content Marketing

This is a systematic marketing method which focuses on creating and sharing regularly relevant content to various online/social media platforms to market products or services.

Social Media Marketing

Just as the name implies social media marketing it is the kind of internet marketing  which engage the users on various social media platforms, such as; Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Youtube, etc.


Social media marketing can be done by your just freely sharing your relevant content on friend’s timeline; groups etc or you can adopt the pay per click advertising. Whichever one you do, the aim is to reach out to your potential buyers and sell your products to them.

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Email Marketing

It is usually done by sourcing for bulk emails and sends your relevant engaging content/advert to them. With email marketing you can always notify your customer of new products or services whenever it available.

Affiliate Marketing

It’s the process of you earning money (commission) when you advertise a company’s products or services on your website, if a user clicks on the advert you get paid for it.


  • It produces more result than other marketing tactics
  • It’s easily to do
  • It promotes your products or services globally
  • It enables business gain more revenue
  • It works well with any kind of promotion you do
  • It is adaptable to mobile or computer interface
  • The differences between B2B and B2C marketing


  • It allows you to focus your advert on a targeted audience
  • With digital marketing you will get global audience
  • It gives you interactive marketing
  • You will get more opportunities
  • You will get customer loyalty
  • You get to track your promotion performance
  • You will get a higher advantage to your competitors
  • Quick customer feedback
  • Easy to learn and low cost to market your products/services.
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