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50 free best SEO tools to grow your website

Hello guys welcome to another interesting topic of my “50 free best SEO tools to grow your website”. In this content we will be talking about different SEO tools in which you can use to keep track of your SEO issues and help to improve the visibility of a website in search engines. So sit back and read and don’t forget to comment on the article positive comment please.

SEO tools are tools which you can use to keep fast track of your SEO issues on your website; it also helps to crawl in or improve the visibility of a website in search engines. These best SEO Tools tracts down the activities of website.

Benefits of SEO tools
• It helps you track down the keywords your competitors are ranking high on
• It identifies issues on your website and gives possible solutions to it.
• Its gives detailed information about a website by using the whois checker SEO tools.
• You can track down other sites that give you backlinks
• Its helps you know the health state of your website
• Its gives search engines the ability to crawl and index your website
• Its helps to detect 301, 302, 404, and 500 HTTP Status Codes or other error code on your website.
• It can check all the URL on your website for broken links
• You can use it to research, analyze or generate keywords to boost your site.

If you want to start using the SEO to grow your website or business also to achieve better results here are 50 free best SEO tools to grow your website.

Best SEO Tools

Article rewriter
As the name implies article rewriter or can be called text spinner, it’s a free SEO tool automated systematical software technology used to rewrite an article. It rearranges the content using synonym of the words but still maintain the meaning or point of the content. It is mostly used by content writer in blog post, website etc.

It’s a time saver tool, you don’t need to stress yourself much or think of what to write

Below are the steps to take:
Step #1: Go to https://www.webiliti.com.ng/seo-tools/   and click on article rewriter

Step #2: On the box provided, paste your content.

Step #3: Click on the “Re-write Article” button to run it. It’ll take a few seconds to generate suggestions/synonyms based on the wordings of your pasted content.

Step #4: If you’re happy with the final result, you can copy it. If not, you can click on “try new document” to spin a different version of the content with a different set of synonyms.


Plagiarism Checker
Before we talk about plagiarism checker let’s get the knowledge of what plagiarism is all about
What is plagiarism?
Plagiarism is all about stealing the content of a writer or someone else content or article and presents it as your own without acknowledging the real owner. In a simple form I will say it’s a copy write and when you use this content on your site the rightful owner can penalize you for that also Google can also penalize you for it, and this act can affect the SEO of your website.

Plagiarism checker: – is an automated system that can help you detect any copy write content. With webiliti SEO plagiarism checker it can search or scan through your content to detect copied or paraphrased content if the content are copied it will labeled them as already used content, if it detect such it’s advisable you rephrase that line.

Our plagiarism checker identifies all types of plagiarism example Incremental, patchwork, and accidental plagiarism.

To use this plagiarism checker,
• Go to https://www.webiliti.com.ng/seo-tools/ and click on plagiarism checker
• please copy and paste your content in the box below,
• and then click on the big blue button that says “Check for Plagiarism!”
• then sit back and watch as your article is scanned for copy write content.


Backlink Maker
Backlink creator is an essential Search engine tool, its generate or create backlinks for your website which helps in boosting your search optimization result in line with Google recommended link building guidelines.

What are backlinks
Backlinks can be referring to as link juice given to other sites, they are links that send information back to your site from high ranking website. When these links are sent back to your site, Google will use the links to rank your website high but if it comes from low sites Google rank your site low

With webiliti SEO Backlink Maker it will create or generate 100% free backlinks for your website which will help in boosting the ranking of your website

Meta Tag Generator
Meta tags are short descriptions relating to your keywords. They are small piece of text or images content that gives summary of a webpage.

mete tag

Meta tags helps search engine to index your webpage. Meta tags are not visible on the pages; you can only see the Meta tag of a website the source code of the page. To view it you can use the keyboard keys Ctrl + U. The Meta tags contain the description and title of the webpage.

Meta Tags Analyzer
This helps in analyzing your Meta tags and list out the ones that are wrong or wrongly placed; it helps to place it in a good way so that Google can easily index it to rank your page.

The benefits of using Meta Tags Analyzer is that


Keyword Position Checker
It’s a great deal for every website owners or SEO specialist to know where their site rank on every keywords so they get to know as well the ranking position of their competitors

Keyword Position Checker is a free SEO tools in which you can use to know the ranking position of your keywords on search engine such as Google, bing etc.

How to use the Keyword Position Checker
Visit https://www.webiliti.com.ng/seo-tools/ and select the Keyword Position Checker tool
Enter your domain
Enter the keywords you want to check
Click on the below button FIND KEYWORD POSITION


Robots.txt Generator
What is Robots.txt?
Robots.txt is a set of file that consists of some rule on how to crawl a website or webpages. They are usually placed on the root folder of your website to enable search engines index your website information more appropriately.

The content of your website are been reviewed by website crawler, or robot fully backup by Google or other search engines. For more info check it out here https://developers.google.com/search/docs/advanced/robots/create-robots-txt


Robots.txt Generator
With Webiliti SEO Robots.txt Generator free tool you can use it to generate your robots.txt. It notifies search engines the webpages to crawl or to ignore.

To use Robots.txt Generator visit https://www.webiliti.com.ng/seo-tools/ and select Robots.txt Generator tool.


XML Sitemap Generator
XML Sitemap is another crawler tool or indexing tools such Robot.txt. it enable google and other search engine understands your site while crawling.
For more detailed info about XML VISIT https://developers.google.com/search/docs/advanced/sitemaps/build-sitemap

Webiliti SEO XML Sitemap Generator gives free access to you to crawl, index and create XML Sitemap file to enable Google, Yandex, Bing, Baidu, and other search engines find your website content faster and better understand its configuration.

To use XML Sitemap Generator visit https://www.webiliti.com.ng/seo-tools/ and select XML Sitemap Generator tool.


Backlink Checker

Alexa Rank Checker

Word Counter

Online Ping Website Tool

Link Analyzer

My IP Address

Keyword Density Checker

Google Malware Checker

Domain Age Checker

Whois Checker

Domain into IP

URL Rewriting Tool

www Redirect Checker

Mozrank Checker

URL Encoder / Decoder

Server Status Checker

Webpage Screen Resolution Simulator

Page Size Checker

Reverse IP Domain Checker

Blacklist Lookup

Suspicious Domain Checker

Link Price Calculator

Website Screenshot Generator

Domain Hosting Checker

Get Source Code of Webpage

Google Index Checker

Website Links Count Checker

Class C Ip Checker

Online Md5 Generator

Page Speed Checker

Code to Text Ratio Checker

Find DNS records

What is my Browser

Email Privacy

Google Cache Checker

Broken Links Finder

Search Engine Spider Simulator

Keywords Suggestion Tool

Domain Authority Checker

Page Authority Checker

Pagespeed Insights Checker


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