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7 best Tips on how to capture your audience with Pre Sale Content

Hello my cherished readers welcome to another interesting topic of my which will help to boost your business and increase your sales.

As a business owner selling online or offline, pre-sale is one of the most under estimated techniques to increase your conversions and offers a stack of sales boosting benefits to your business.

What is pre sale?

A presale is a limited-time sale that takes place before your product becomes massively available to the public.

Take, for example, TECNO launches pre-orders for CAMON 18 this month November, 2021 the pre order started from November 6-10, 2021 with a huge discounted price.

7 best Tips on how to capture your audience with Pre-Sale Content

With an innovative product, and a strategically timed release date just ahead of Christmas, and a powerful pre-launch marketing campaign, the company was able to secure over millions of pre-orders worldwide for their new product.

Pre-selling is simply using content to inform, excite and motivate your visitors to buy. It’s used on your site, before you send visitors to the sales page and the idea is that they are so convinced they need this product in their life.


  1. It warms up your visitors desire before you send them to a sales page
  2. It shows them the product is exactly what they’ve been looking for, before the sales page
  3. It Educate your visitor and therefore helping them to make the right purchase
  4. It Helps to build your authority in the niche, because you come across as an expert
  5. It adds search engine attracting content, to boost your rankings and free traffic
  6. It Increases your chance of making a sale, on all the products you are selling or promoting as an affiliate


  1. The ‘Secret’ Of the Highest Converters . . .

Compare these two examples:

Short pre-sell like this:

“This great new Fat Burning Supplement can help you effortlessly shed your annoying unwanted fat thanks to its amazing naturally sourced ingredients. CLICK HERE

Long pre-sell like this

SureSlim Fat Burner from Nature’s Field is a herbal tablet that helps you get rid of visceral fats, belly fats and excess body fats for healthy weight loss. This supplement helps you to control appetite and decreases between-meal cravings. It aids in calorie burning (thermogenesis) activity and increases energy levels.

Why you need to lose some weight

You are overweight when your Body Mass Index (BMI) gets beyond 25 to 30. This eventually leads to obesity when your BMI gets above 30. A healthy BMI for an adult ranges between 18.5-25. People who have obsessed are at risk for many serious diseases and health conditions:
High blood pressure (Hypertension)
-Type 2 diabetes and coronary heart disease
-Stroke and cholesterol problems
-Osteoarthritis (a breakdown of cartilage and bone within a joint)
-Sleep apnea and breathing problems
-Cancers of the endometrial, breast, colon, kidney, gallbladder, and liver
-Body pains

The SureSlim Fat Burner Advantage

Some Fat Burners are not only ineffective but contain harmful substances. Contaminated supplements cause dangerous side effects like high blood pressure, strokes, seizures and even death. SureSlim Fat Burner contains harmless natural constituents including Raspberry Ketone, Green Coffee Bean Extract, Garcinia Cambodia Fruit Extract, Amino acids, vitamins, herbal and super fruits oxidants.

Raspberry Ketone: Raspberry ketone is a natural substance that gives red raspberries their aroma. Raspberry ketones cause fats within cells to be broken down more effectively and help your body burn fat faster including belly fats and visceral fats.
Green Coffee Bean ExtractIt contains a substance called Chlorogenic Acid, which gives SureSlim Fat Burner its weight loss effects.
Garcinia Cambodia Fruit Extract: The active ingredient in the fruit’s rind, hydroxycitric acid, has boost fat-burning and reduce appetite.
-Amino acids and Vitamins C (Ascorbic Acid), Thiamine (as Thiamine HCI), Riboflavin, Vitamin B6 (as Pyridoxine HCI),  Vitamin B12 (as Cyanocobalamin).
Biotin & Folate: Biotin that helps your body convert food into energy and Folate helps you maintain healthy heart.
Super Fruits OxidantsSureSlim Fat Burner contains Apple fruit powder, Lemon fruit powder, Lime whole fruit powder, Lycium berry powder.

Nature’s Field Sure Slim Fat Burner is the best herbal tablet for weight loss in Nigeria. You need to burn that excess fat, get in shape and look good. For better understanding on this product CLICK HERE

A well thought out pre-sell page explaining the amazing fat burning benefits of one particular nutrient, the vast research, along with its PROVEN connection to fat burning and the host of other health benefits it will bestow on your visitor.

Followed by an explanation that this particular nutrient is included in a new, one a day fat burning formula, which also combines 3 other nutrients, equally as proven and effective.

It’s not difficult to imagine why Number 2 is going to out convert Number 1.

Yes, Number 1 may get lots of clicks, but I’m talking about sales. Visitors don’t get much info from such short copy, so it’s not much different to sending them straight to the sales-page, which is not the best way to do it.

A page of pre-sell however, will convince them of the value and specific benefits, persuading them that this is what they need in their life, even before they click through. And it won’t feel like they’re being sold to, as the post is useful and informative.

Many affiliates and advertisers make selling much more difficult than it needs to be, by ignoring the importance and value of pre-selling. The ones that embrace it have some of the highest conversions online.

pre sale


It’s really easy to do, it’s free and your pre-sell content will keep earning for you, for years to come.

Yes, pre-selling means writing content, but if you haven’t clicked on yet that content is now essential if you want to compete in 2017, you’re in for an uphill struggle.

HINT: This study showed the average content length of each of the top 10 results on Google, was more than 2,000 words.

To compete for free traffic now, your websites have to be full of high quality, informative and well written content. You can no longer expect to write a few paragraphs, add your links and earn an income.

Google wants top quality, relevant content for its visitors, with no exceptions, so why fight it? You can write it yourself or outsource it, but just make sure that your content is packed with useful info and it pre-sells the products you’re selling or promoting.

The search engines will love this kind of content, but the main benefit of the pre-sell is improved conversions. If you’re not already pre-selling with your content, you’d better brace yourself, because the results may shock you.

Incredibly Important Point: If you’re a product owner you need to ensure you provide good pre-sell resources for your affiliates too. It’s more than worth the effort.

So many affiliates will bail if they see you’re affiliate resources are sparse or nonexistent, especially newbies. But all super affiliates were newbies once, so help them to promote your products, to give them more time to work on traffic and you could grow super affiliates of your own.

The more pre-sell based content the better. You’ll have plenty of ideas to get you started when you’ve finished reading this post.

And on the subject of super affiliates, do you think they’re going to promote your resource bare product or your competitor’s, who has a ton of awesome ready to use content, so they can get their funnel up quickly and enjoy watching the sales roll in.


Conversion rate in online marketing with many icons and symbols (3D Rendering)

  1. To Product Owners And Affiliates, Conversions Are Everything.

Your goal is obviously to persuade as many of your visitors to buy as possible and pre-selling is one of your best allies.

Think about that word for a moment. ‘Persuade’. How many people do you know who can persuade someone to do something, in just a few sentences? It’s very difficult without in-depth info.

And don’t think you’re excused if you buy your traffic, because if you’re sending it straight to a salespage, your conversions will usually be low. You can test your ads, tweak your headlines and ramp up your Call To Action, but you’ll only ever see small improvements, simply because you’re sending ‘Cold’ traffic to your offers.

You probably presume you’re ok however, because immediately following your sparse ad, your visitor will see the expertly crafted salespage which will do all the persuading for you, right?

Wrong people read salespages with skepticism, as they know they are being sold to. But you can disengage a lot of that skepticism with a thorough, but relaxed pre-sell, to warm the visitor to the wonderfulness of the product.

In fact a good pre-sell can convince the visitor to buy, before they even reach the salepage. Then they’ll happily click through and just skim the sales pitch, on their way to the order button.

Fairly Important Point: You really do have to embrace the fact you need high quality content to compete in the search engines. But keep in mind you only have to write each piece of content once and if you do it properly, each page will earn you commissions for years.

Follow my tips for effective pre-selling and your conversions, along with your earnings, will explode.

7 best Tips on how to capture your audience with Pre Sale ContentOk, so now I have you utterly convinced regarding the value of pre-sell content, here’s how to do it effectively, while still sharing valuable, useful info . . .

  1. Creating a Product Review space for your products or services.

Millions of people, who shop online, look for product reviews just before they buy. Good reviews add peace of mind and security to their purchase, because if all these other people think the product’s great, it must be a good buy.

The best thing about reviews is the fact they are so targeted and are positioned at the ‘buying’ end of the visitors’ journey.

Remember, people search for ‘Product Name + Review’, just before they buy. If you have a high quality review for it in the search results, you’ll meet them at exactly the right point in their buying journey and get sales.

However, you need to insure that once again you focus on a long, meaty review and aim for around 1500 to 2000 words to attract the search engines.

You can get there by expanding on the benefits and applications of the product, what it is, what it does, why it’s so helpful, the proof, the science, the experience of the product creator, videos, case studies, examples etc etc.

The more relevant, useful content you have, the more sales you’ll make because the more pre-sold your visitors will be. I’ve seen it time and time again. It’s really amazing.

Another way to use reviews is to write comparisons of the product you’re promoting and other popular or inferior products that do the same thing. Just remember to keep your reviews truthful and point out the strengths and weaknesses of all products.

The product you choose to promote as the best solution doesn’t have to be classed as the best. Maybe the sheer weight of the marketing for the main product has established it as top dog, but the alternative product has more usable bells and whistles, so you’re bringing it to your readers’ attention.

At the end of the day your visitors are still deciding what to buy and can still be swayed even when they are ‘wallet in hand’, whether THEY realise it or not. But they are about to buy and that’s a great time to pitch to them.

So remember that even if they are reading your product review, you can still introduce them to other options, if you show them why your choice is better and offers more value than the original product they had in mind.

  1. The Turbo-Charger Pitch

Euphoric and surprised winner winning online watching a laptop at home

Not a real phrase, just one I made up as it describes it so well.

This content can convert out of the park when you get it right. The idea is to give your visitors a full technique to do something, and then at the end, offer a way to turbo-charge the whole or part of the process.

So for instance, let’s say you write an in depth, step by step post on how to build a blog. Make sure you tell them everything from start to finish, so by the end they have a live, working blog.

By making a brilliant content you can equivalently turn it to a paid ebook, so it’s becomes very valuable for your visitors. It’s also the type of content that can gets shared often, which means more free traffic and backlinks for you.

Now you need to find a product that somehow turbo-charges this process. Maybe blog building software, blog outsourcing, social media promotion software, content propagating software, basically anything that will make the process easier, faster or more efficient.

It’s a pretty easy sale when presented in this way.

Another example would be a post on building a Facebook Fanpage to promote affiliate products. Once you’ve explained the process step by step so they can build their own fanpage right there and then, you can offer a related turbo-charger such as Fan Software, to easily attract targeted fans and build their page and income fast.

The whole point is to give them an entire tactic, from start to finish, completely free. Then, offer something to turbo-charge the process or results, at a cost. Trust me, the results can be incredible.

You can also use this to turbo-charge an actual paid for product, not just info.

If you’re selling weight loss supplements for instance, your turbo-charger offer could be Bioperine, a supplement which helps your body to absorb more of certain nutrients, thereby making the original purchase more effective and better value for money. Again, just an example, but I’m sure it helps you get the point.

I’ve only just scratched the surface here, so sit and have a think about how you could use this tactic on your site. What info can you supply, that links perfectly to your product or one you can promote?

Get them excited about something, and then make them more excited, to the point they’ve got to have it, by offering to turbo-charge their results with a simple, incredibly cost effective product.

  1. The News Pitch

Whatever niche you’re in there is usually lots of news online regarding it, especially in the bigger niches such as Make Money and Health. You can take that news, attach it straight to your product via pre-sell and make sales.

Let me give you an example. A few years ago, there was an article regarding new research on fat burning. Apparently it showed that what is known as ‘brown fat’ is hardest to burn off and it gets harder the older you get.

I used this research for a headline and story selling a fat burner based on ingredients which focused on burning brown fat. The page converted really well, probably because I pushed the ‘harder to lose it as you get older’ angle and that, along with the fact this was brand new research, helped to boost conversions.

Mine was a salespage, but you could just as easily use this news as an informative post, followed by a pitch for a relevant affiliate product.

Another perfect example would be Google ranking updates, if you’re in the ‘make money’ niche.

Write a post regarding news of the latest changes, how important they are, the repercussions of getting it wrong, the basics of what this news means and how to avoid penalties. Then simply follow it with a link to a complete video course, on how to make your site ‘Google Update Proof’ so they can continue to make sales uninterrupted.

You can see why this works so well. Right at the point they learn of this potentially worrying news, which could negatively affect their online business, (or effect whatever niche they’re in), you offer peace of mind immediately, with a perfect solution.

In other words, scare then share. Scare them with the new facts, then share your solution so they never have to worry again.

Important Point: Always ensure you have adequate disclaimers in your content, so the visitor knows they are reading sponsored content and your intention of earning a commission.

Start watching the news in your niche and use as much as you can to help promote your products.

  1. Using pre-sell effectively is not difficult.

Remember, if you want free traffic you have to play by the rules. Those rules are gradually cutting out the idle marketers, as each update calls for better and better content to please the search engines visitors (especially Google).

Get with the program right now, stop battling the facts and understand that good pre-sell content kills two birds with one stone, as you get great content along with higher conversions for more income.

As I’ve already mentioned, even if you buy all your traffic, you can still boost your conversions with pre-sell, so don’t overlook it. Send your traffic to pre-sell content, and then a salespage and I promise you’ll see much better results.

Keep your eyes open online and look at how other people are using pre-sell, use the tips I have mentioned and always remember, the more excited you can get your visitors about the product, BEFORE the salespage, the higher your conversions will be.

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