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Project Description

This project a Real estate portal website development is for the business of  selling already made house plan designs and construction service for clients. We built the website with all kind of information about the service, styles and sizes of building, agent registration, support, testimonials of clients and pricing packages. At this time we created a landing page for social media marketing agency.

We are professional Architects, Engineers and Builders with  like minds and ideology. 

We provide Nigerian house plan services that meet both  local and international standards, our house plan ranges from simple bedrooms and duplex designs to more complex and contemporary office and hotels house plan designs.

We have being into the business of designing house plan and construction service for clients for over ten year now and we know how best to give you exactly what you desire at a very low rate. 

Most of our works are represented in 3D & 2D samples image format with the floor plan included but protected. 

If you need to see the floor plan, you will need to purchase the floor plan alone and if you are satisfied with it you can make payment for the complete package. see how we work

All our house plan are already made  house design from different professional architects and are available at your request.

We equally have the capacity to design your desire house plan from scratch for client that prefers custom and personal house plan designs.

Building Plan Nigeria is design to allow every Nigeria , Africa and non- Africa architects who do not have their presence on the web to have access to upload samples of their already made house plan for customers, buyers and clients to make choice and buy from them.

Our backbone is rooted in Ebhos works enterprises who has create this platform for all professional Architects and Engineers to come together in other to solve house plan related issues in Nigeria.

Our belief is that every Architects and House Designer should be able to upload his/her house plan design with  plan market in other to reach millions of Africa and non- Africa house plan seekers who can not afford the cost and challenges involve in engaging an architect for house plan services from the scratch.

see how to upload your house plan images

Client: House Plan Market

Category: Web development

Start date: 18 April 2019

Finish date: 05 July 2019




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