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This project (website design and development) is about an eBOOK Store, which  provides excellent support for academic and co-curricular activities.  We built the website with all kind of information about the school, announcement page also created a page for  testimonials by parents.

Their books are packed with moral lessons for people of all ages, cultures and backgrounds. With such books and through the services of their seasoned Counsellors, Trainers and other Specialists, lifes are shaped for good. People who need and/or require counselling services will be attended to free-of-charge. Their books expose simple tips which bring about the ‘Push needed by rascally individuals without bias to mend their ways for good. They’re looking forward to sharing your testimonies with you. Welcome to our on-line community!

Client: True Stories

Category: Web development

Start date: 18 Oct 2021

Finish date: 10 Nov 2021




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