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Project Description

This project (website design and development) is about Education (school website), which  provides excellent support for academic and co-curricular activities.  We built the website with all kind of information about the school, announcement page also created a page for  testimonials by parents.

First Beacon International Schools has a rigorous academic standards which ensure that students are well prepared all–round the school year. Our school benefits from impressive facilities that enables us to offer a vast range of learning/growing opportunities.

Their  talented multi-disciplinary staff work hard to meet the aim of making the entire school community a safe, happy, learning and growing place. We work towards making our students better believers in themselves.    

First Beacon Int’l school emphasizes on academic,moral,psychological and spiritual guidance for all the students. This  program  offers students the opportunity to meet qualified personnel to aid them in their chosen subjects for post secondary school educational pursuits,relevant to their intended careers and professions,which do not conflict with their individual class lessons.

Client: First Beacon International Schools

Category: Web development

Start date: 18 Oct 2017

Finish date: 10 Nov 2017




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