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10AugBenefits of using Google Ads (paid search) to Boost Your online Business

8 Benefits of using Google Ads (paid search) to Boost Your online Business

Hello dear, welcome to another interesting topic 8 Benefits of using Google Ads (paid search) to Boost Your online Business.

In our previous article we discussed about benefits of needing a website for business which the result we got was so helpful, here today we will be discussing 8 Benefits of using Google Ads (paid search) to Boost Your online Business. Before we go into the benefit we have to know what google Ads is about.


Google Ad is an online platform/program for advertising. It a paid advert whyGoogle Ads SEO is a free advert.  It is one of the highly productive online advertisement.

Google Ads brings target engaging content to your potentials customers by displaying your advertisements in search engine results, as well as on non-search websites, mobile apps, and videos.


1.   It generates more traffic to your business than SEO:

Google Ads and SEO are both ways of generating traffic to your site to increase lead and profit. But Google Ads gives you a faster edge.

It displays your advertisements in so many different platforms such as on mobile apps, Facebook platform, websites, search engines, etc. through these mediums of displaying your ads peoples gets to your website in one click.

NOTE: Effective and eye engaging advert draws people to your website more.

Benefits of using Google Ads (paid search) to Boost Your online Business

2.    Brand Awareness:

This is another way in which Google Ads grow businesses, in addition to increase traffic to your website.

It has it unique and productivity way of telling people about your brand, products or services using the various social media platforms, mobile apps and search engines.


3.   Reaches Out to More Customers Through Gmail Platform:

This is another interesting benefit of using Google Ads to grow your business. One of the efficient and productive way of marketing is Email Marketing.

Some people don’t like engaging in social media because of the uncontrollable negative things that some people display and also scammers.

Most people prefer to use email as a major source of communication because it is easy to use, private and free, which is why Gmail Ads can be helpful as well.

In September 2015, Google integrated native Gmail Ads with Google AdWords and made it available to all advertisers, with this you can reach out to more prospects through their Gmail inbox.

Google Gmail Ads display on the promotion tab, occasionally it can also display on the social tab too. These ads run on both desktops and mobiles.

4.   Measuring Your Performance

This is a good strategy to grow your business in order for the money you put in the ads you are running or intend to run not to waste.

Measuring the outcome of the traditional advertising medium is difficult. Medium such as newspaper, billboard, television, jingles, words of mouth, distribution of fliers, pasting of poster, etc.

They are expensive to run also you can’t even control your budget or know where your traffic is coming from when using these medias.

But running advert in business using Google Ads you become the boss of your own and take control in all you do.

Such as;

  • Knowing the no. of people who clicked your Ads
  • Knowing their age bracket
  • Know how many leads it generated
  • Know the keyword that generated more
  • Know how much you spent in minutes
  • Know how much you were charged per click
  • Know the geographical area that produced more for you

This will help you to understand your campaign to know what works and doesn’t work for you.

5.    Improve your competition’s performance.

Running Google Ads for your business gives you a higher edge against your competitors. In this era where technology rules all, most people don’t go to shop to shop to buy things like jewelry, fashion stuff, phones, accessories, stationaries, food items or looking for service providers such as I.T. professionals, Artisans, Hospitals, Financial services, Health care providers, any things they need they just use their phones or laptop search for it on internet and engage into it.   

Now when they search and you are nor running Advert but your competitors are running you stand a 99.9% chance of loosing big. Running Google Ads for your business gives you a higher edge, more profit, more sales, more awareness against your competitors. Grab this opportunity today by doing this and you will see great magic to testify about…….


6.     Utilize your advertisements to discover more.

There is a lot and a lot to explore when you have a Google Ads account which you are using to run your advertisements. When you link your Google Ads account to your Google analytic account you see more insightful things. Google analytic gives you a full track and event about your site, kind of the statistic of your site traffic/visitors.

Now when you link both account together the Google analytic will be giving you full statistical record of your advertisements such as;

  • How long a visitor stayed on your product page
  • How many pages have been visited when they can in through your Ads
  • Bounce rate of your Ads landing page
  • Details about new visitors and returning visitors and much more


7.  Managing your advertisements.

Google Ads gives you the ability to manage your Ads in order for you not to run a non-productivity advert. Most people don’t get result from the advert they run despite the huge or small money they put into it, but that is a topic for another day “how to run a profitable Google Ads” “Reasons why people run Advert and at the end it doesn’t produce”.

Google Ads gives you the ability to manage your Ads in different ways such as;

  • Pause the non-performing keywords/campaigns/ads
  • Choose the demographic of the area you want your ads to show
  • Choose the age grade of the people you want to see your ads
  • You can run more than one (1) with a particular amount of money
  • You can run your ads with as low as N3000


8.   Friendly user interface

Google Ads interface is so much friendly in the way one can easily set up a campaign to run his/her Ads without stress. In the interface google provides videos, articles and other help tools users can study before or while setting up their campaign to advertise their products, brand or services.  Learn more about Google Ads

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